GTO Plating employs various methods for electrolytic galvanizing. We use barrel, horizontal, and rack lines. We have super-fast, state-of-the-art machines that allow us to galvanize large quantities of pipes in almost all types and sizes in a short amount of time. GTO Plating is happy to discuss which galvanizing technique best suits your specific needs. We always offer the most suitable solution. You can count on us.

Rack lines

GTO Plating works with modern rack lines. These are suitable for both large and small products. Whatever you want us to galvanize, we can provide your products with a zinc coating ranging from 5 μm to 25 μm.

Horizontal lines

No matter what type of pipes you need to galvanize, we deliver for you. GTO Plating has been a specialist in galvanizing welded and seamless pipes for over 50 years.

Barrel lines

GTO Plating has fully automatic drum machines in its facility. These provide your products with a zinc coating ranging from 5 μm to 20 μm, with blue or yellow passivation. We can also provide your products with a topcoat that further optimizes corrosion resistance.


In addition to galvanizing, we also offer various post-treatment options for your products. These include cutting or capping tubes, applying markings, or packaging your products in the small bundles you desire – which you can then send to your customers.

The advantage?
The products no longer need to be transported to another processor. We take care of it all for you. It’s good for your wallet and good for the environment because fewer transportation movements are required.

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