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Racking lines

GTO Plating has 3 racking lines at their disposal. In 's-Hertogenbosch, we make use of a modern and internal developed racking line. This fully automatic machine has the enormous width of more than 6 meters. For specific products, we can also galvanize up to a length of 6 meters. However, this is not always possible and therefore only on request.

In our establishment in 's-Heerenberg we use two ultramodern racking lines. Thanks to the enormous flexibility of these machines, they are suitable for both large and small products and enable us to provide your products, at competitive prices, with a high quality zinc coating. And everything with a standard delivery time of 5 days.

Coating: electrolytic zinc
Dimension: 6000 x 400 x 1100mm
Passivation: blue and yellow


Coating: electrolytic zinc
Dimensions: 3000 x 550 x 1200mm
Passivation: Blue, Yellow.
Dimensions: 3200 x 550 x 1100mm
Passivation: Blue, Yellow and Dickschicht

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