The name GTO literally stands for Technique and Development in the galvanic industry. The company name therefore fully reflects the policy of our company. Thanks to the constant search for new, faster and better production possibilities the unique continues zinc plating lines have been developed. And also the unique character of the traditional racking -and drum lines are a direct result of the companies policy.

We are also continuously developing and testing new coatings, alloys, passivations and seals in our own research department and together with our chemical suppliers. For example we search for solutions in the areas of improved corrosion resistance, mechanical properties, ductility and the tempering of hydrogen embrittlement.
Besides direct galvanic innovations, we have also invested heavily in the so-called after treatment in recent years. The search for a total solution was a very noticeable trend in recent years. Products which we are zinc plating often still have to be cut, printed, assembled or packed in several different and customer specific ways. Nowadays, you can have all this kinds of post-treatments also at GTO Plating.

And if your specific after treatment is not stated above, please ask us for the possibilities!

Finally, we are also very active in the field of environmental innovations. For example, all electrolytic zinc machines are connected to a new and super modern water treatment plant.
GTO Plating B.V.

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