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Continues zinc plating lines

GTO Plating has already been specialized in the galvanizing of welded and seamless tubes for 25 years. Structural internal research and development have resulted in three unique continues zinc plating production lines.

Our three machines are capable of galvanizing tubes between Ø 6 and Ø 108 with a maximum length of 12.000mm. These tubes can be provided with a zinc layer of 5um to 15um and with a blue, yellow or GTO Plus passivation.

Continues zinc plating:
• Uniformity of the coating thickness
• Homogeneous bright and shining colour
• The inside of the tubes remain 100% untouched and therefore
keep their original conservation layer
• Very ductile zinc layer, extreme deforming is possible
• Unique price / performance ratio
• In addition to the traditional blue and yellow passivation also a
unique and chromium VI free passivation (GTO Plus) is available
• Highly durable and environmentally friendly way of galvanizing

Main application areas:
• Automotive
• Hydraulics (HPL)
• Construction Industry
• Sanitary and heating industry
• Machine and equipment industry
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Continues zinc
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